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Electronically Sensed Rope

Squid Labs has developed an Electronically Sensed Rope - a rope or webbing with integral sensing capability which can be monitored electronically. Our technology can be used to sense wear and load conditions in rope and webbing. We currently work with customers to develop commercial and end-user solutions using our technology, including appropriate sensing elecronics integrated to the application. We have development kits available suitable for use in artistic and architectural applications. Please contact us if you are interested in a custom solution, a development kit, or are interested in partnering with us to commercialize our technology in your industry.

  • Advantages
    • Integrates easily into existing applications
    • Similar physical performance to standard rope and webbing
    • Sensing constructions available with many standard and high-performance rope constructions and base materials

  • Applications
    • Safety engineering for many common rope and webbing applications
    • Electronic rope inspection
    • Force-feedback rope systems
    • Human-computer interfaces

  • Technical presentation: Electronic Rope: Load and Wear Monitoring, presented at the 5th International Rope Technology Workshop, March 2004.

  • Video showing response of a prototype electronic rope and sensor

  • "Rope and Sound", a public exhibition showcasing our technology, showing April 8 through October 30 2005 at the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.